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Silent Music 2013-2018

'Swan Lake 1' - By Janice Thwaites
Swan Lake 1

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'Black Trumpet with Shroud' - By Janice Thwaites
Black Trumpet with Shroud

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'Blue Trumpet Shroud' - By Janice Thwaites
Blue Trumpet Shroud

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'Cello Case Coffin with Cello Bones 2014' - By Janice Thwaites
Cello Case Coffin with Cello Bones 2014

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'Beat from the Soundbox 2015' - By Janice Thwaites
Beat from the Soundbox 2015

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'Drum Beat 5' - By Janice Thwaites
Drum Beat 5

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'Mother and Child' - By Janice Thwaites
Mother and Child

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'Leningrad. Shostakovich Symphony No 7 2016' - By Janice Thwaites
Leningrad. Shostakovich Symphony No 7 2016

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The silent music project started in 2013 has developed over the last five years and has taken many different directions. The project started with the purchase of a silver band tuba. A large instrument at one time played by a member of a Salvation Army band.

This fabulous horn, no longer played began to resonate with Janice. The sculptural forms, and pipes create an intricate object, with the added function of sound.

Most instruments are designed to fit the human figure for ease in which it is to be played. The human relationship to the instrument is another aspect that excites the artist.

The tuba was put together with a tenor horn, and covered with white couched paper. The tenor horn is a small version of the tuba.

Set up together in a church, they became “Mother and Child” displayed with lilies they became “Madonna and Child”

Janice now has a large collection of instruments many of them covered in white, creating a pure soundless display.

Another aspect to this current work are the instrument carrying cases. These, along with their instruments, have a history of their own, and Janice is using the cases to contain fragments of the instruments they once carried. The fragments are obtained by taking casts made with couched paper from the relevant instrument. Some of the cases have a coffin appearance, for example see skeletal forms within “Cello Case Coffin with Cello Bones”

Janice recently came into contact with poet John Lanyon who has written verse relating to instrument carrying cases.

In 2016 “Silent Music” work dealt with music rendered silent due to war and oppression. “Leningrad, Shostakovich, Symphony No7” is a piece of work based on the television program “Leningrad and the Orchestra that Defied Hitler” BBC2 2.1.2016. This program had a profound effect on Janice as did the book, “The Noise of Time” by Julian Barnes.

'Silent Music 2017 - Shroud' (Word document) outlines inspiration and process for a series of works using a trumpet shroud.

'Silent Music 2017 - Tchaikovsky' (Word document) describes the influence of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, taking the black swan and the white swan, and the connotations of a black and white personality.



It’s more of a physical thing,
Travelling companions,
Somewhat taken for granted
I take the hard knocks,
The gaze of strangers,
It’s me who feels the weather.

Heavy and awkward,
A thing of straps and handles,
Volume beyond my weight.

I’m the homemaker, the exoskeleton,
The coracle, the body-bag-
Hard on the outside,
Plush and felted within.

I envy the way you touch her
The delicacy of her skin
When she cries
Everybody listens.

I envy the way you touch her
The delicacy of her body
The patina of her skin
When she cries
Everyone listens.

Artists who have influenced this work are:-

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