Janice Thwaites

Angels and Mechanics - 1996

'In The System' - By Janice Thwaites
In The System

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'Sperm Bank' - By Janice Thwaites
Sperm Bank

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'The Egg Machine' - By Janice Thwaites
The Egg Machine

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Angels and Mechanics was a touring exhibition featuring forty artists. It was about fertility in the twenty first century. Deborah Law and Sandra Peaty, were joint curators. This exhibition was a perfect platform for my work at this time. My work was based on the interference on women, from conception to childbirth. Most of the pieces were three dimensional.

Research led me to interview, scientists experimenting with human embryos, IVF treatments, sperm and egg donator's, surrogate mothers, and the legal intricacies concerning the "rights", of frozen, fertile embryos, also the ethics surrounding all of these procedures. I experienced feelings of compassion, despair, and anger. The work produced, reflects some of my feelings. "Women & Medical Science, From Conception to Childbirth" I wrote for my dissertation in 1995.

Artist who influenced me were, Rebecca Horn, Edward Kienholz, Helen Chadwick, and the illustrations of Andreas Vesalius. Other influences were, The Mother Machine written by Gena Corea, The American Way of Birth by Jessica Mitford, Sheila Kitzinger, Freedom and Choice in Childbirth, Beyond Conception, the New Politics of Reproduction, by Patricia Spallone, and Essays on Women, Medicine and Health, by Ann Oakley.

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